Taco! Taco! Taco! (2009)


Nothing is more enjoyable for a writer than misbehaving celebrities. During one particular stream, Vinny decided to play Half-Life 2 , most hilarious fortnite moments but with a twist; In a similar vein to his Chaos Editions and Corruptions, he uses a randomized version of the game, swapping around textures, sound files, and the like with no rhyme or reason.

When Vinny collects the Red Coins, the music continues the long note, but only with the cello sound. It is too bad that it wasn’t “fashionable” during Ursula’s time though, she would have been a lot more popular with men nowadays. On Tuesday June 30, just five days after Jackson died, Randy Phillips locked himself into an editing suite in AEG’s headquarters on the third floor of the massive entertainment campus LA Live.

Born December 8, 1976 – Dominic Monaghan, 42. He played Meriadoc Merry” Brandybuck in Peter Jackson’s version of the Lord of the ‘s also the narrator of Ringers: Lord of the Fans, a look at the early days of the Tolkien fandom when it was part of the hippie culture.

Goth Day celebrates all these souls, and the part of them that celebrates the darkness within us all through music, art, and media. Every July 24 portions of the mountain west commemorate the pioneers with parades and American flags and hot dogs and fireworks, just in case we didn’t start enough wildfires on Independence Day.

Phil also changed his schedule, streaming an hour earlier each day and decided to try and take certain days off with his then-girlfriend Leanna. It’s hard to understand how that can be, but just because something doesn’t make rational sense doesn’t mean it’s not real.

After Twitch staff told Phil in November 2014 to reduce his streaming rate, Phil quit the site and started streaming on YouTube, resorting to a primitive IRC chat client, as well as short-changing his paying Twitch subscribers, many of whom were outraged.

Phil posted up a “addressing state” video on August 22. Phil has announced in October 2016 that he is nervous about his future, due to low views during that Hardcore Gaming Season. Phil has repeatedly had conflicts with everyone he encounters and wherever he decides to upload videos.

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